Save and Populate Multiple Shipping Addresses

In my form, I have the customer address at the top with several fields. In the shipping section, I have a dropdown so the user can select either…

  • Ship to New Address,
  • Ship to Customer Address (copy cat), or
  • Ship to Previously Used Address (need to populate).

I’m using multiple Shipping Address sets of fields, hiding each depending on what is selected. If Ship to Customer Address is selected, I show a set of Shipping Fields (using conditional logic) that uses the Copy Cat plugin to copy values from the customer address. This works fine when selecting it once. If the user selects one of the other shipping options (Previously Used or New Address) then re-selects the customer address again… the fields are cleared. Is there a way to re-trigger this again if the user selects something else and re-selects it again?

If customer enters a New Shipping Address, I have added a consent checkbox to allow the user to “Save This Address” (hopefully) into the user’s WooCommerce profile.

If the user select Ships to a Previously Used Address, I would like to populate a second dropdown with previously used addresses that are saved in WooCommerce.

Question #1… how can I save these addresses into the user’s profile on a form submission? I’m thinking I can use Woocomerce and use their dashboard to save them. There are plugins to save multiple shipping addresses for Woocommerce.

I’ll use either of these two plugins…

Question #2… If I go this route, can I populate the address into the Shipping Address fields? I would want to populate the names of the Shipping Addresses in the dropdown and then when the customer selected an address from the dropdown list, it would populate the full address in the shipping address fields. Can the Populate Anything plugin by Gravity Wiz do this? Of course it would be dependant on the logged-in user also.

I know some of this is out the scope of support. Any suggestions will be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hello mduncan. If you want to collect the information in the Gravity Forms form, and store it in a format that Woocommerce or one of those plugins can use, you need to know what format it is stored in. And then you can make Gravity Forms save it in the same place and format. The best time to do that is after the form is submitted with gform_after_submission:

As far as populating information in a new form, with information stored in the database by one of those plugins, yes, Populate Anything can help you with that, without any code at all: