"Save and Continue" link is NOT loading prefilled gravity form on MOBILE

Hello all. The “save and continue” link is NOT loading my gravity form on mobile. However, when I try on the computer, I see it loading correctly. At first, I thought it was my cookie plugin or other plugins, so I disabled it one by one to test - and it’s not. I think it’s gravity form. Below is a test “save and continue” link for you to try out. When on mobile, all I get is a BLANK screen - no prefilled gravity form is loading… Thoughts?

Test link: https://www.securaconsultants.com/proposal-request-for-fee-only-advisors/?gf_token=0e3e5f7245aa43b4afd4ab867140c601

Hello @securaconsultants - I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

The first step will probably be to check for conflicts with the theme and plugins, using the Health Check & Troubleshooting Plugin from WordPress:

On https://www.securaconsultants.com/proposal-request-for-fee-only-advisors/ there is also no form loaded…