Retain input value in form after submission

Hi. I would like to be able to retain the input value that a user types after he clicks the submit button. In this way, if he reloads the page, or comes back to the form another time, he will still be able to see the values he inputted in the form.

An alternative will be to find a way to notify a user that he has already filled the form.
I need suggestions on how to achieve this, please.

Thank you

Based on how the form will work, there are two ways to do this.

  1. Use our GP Easy Passthrough Perk to set up a feed on the form that will populate the form with the last submitted entry from the user. This is suitable if the form will be completed by logged-in users.

  2. Use our GP Reload Form Perk to set up dynamic population on the form so that when the user reloads the form, the form is populated with values from the last submitted entry.

You can check out the documentation and see how it works, and you can you have further questions on this you can get in touch with us via our presales form.