Reload/reset form without a plugin

I have a form on a private, password-protected page that one employee here uses to submit information to our database, I’d like to give him an easy way (e.g. a button or link) to reload the form after a submission so he can continue adding info without having to refresh the page.

I’m aware of the add-on/plugin offered by GravityWiz, I do not want to use a plugin, and would not pay for an entire package of them to get just one needed one function.

Surely there must be some simple way for me to add a code snippet - ideally to the confirmation message - that allows a user to reload the same form for a new submission?

I’m open to all suggestions, but really don’t want to add a plugin to do something that should be this simple.

Hi Trisha. How about putting a link in the confirmation, which is a link to the same page? The page will load fresh, and the form will be clear. Will that work for you? Something like:

Submit another? <a href="">Click here!</a>

Hi Chris,

Thank you, I appreciate the suggestion, that is exactly what I’m doing now, and it works fine.

I was just hoping for something that didn’t involve refreshing or reloading the page itself, something more along the lines of a button that could sit close to the “Submit” button that would function like a “submit and reset the form to submit another entry” (so the user would have two buttons, “submit and leave” and “submit and keep adding” although I’d come up with different text for the buttons).

The plugin offered by GravityWiz is perfect, but to get it you have to buy their entire package of plugins, and while they do make great stuff, we really wouldn’t use any of their other plugins beyond the one that resets the form using Ajax.

I was hoping for a code snippet that I could add to either my custom functions plugin, or the page itself…if that’s really not the best way to do this and the plugin is the only way, then we’ll just stick with the page reload.

Thanks again, wishing you and all the team at GF/RocketGenius a wonderful holidays!

I don’t know how Gravity Wiz does it precisely, but their solution is a code solution, so it’s definitely possible. I’ve always used the link method in the confirmation, and it’s worked ok for me. If I find anything else, I will update this topic Thank you for the warm holiday wishes! I’ll share them with the team.


Hi Trisha,

You don’t have to purchase the full Gravity Perks suite. You can purchase a Basic license from us, which gives you access to 1 Perk for use on 1 site at a lower price ($59).

We think this is worth it for GP Reload Form, as it is more than just a simple snippet. There’s a bunch of gotchas involved with injecting the form markup on reload and supporting that requires continued development as new plugins and capabilities are introduced to the Gravity Forms ecosystem. With a paid product you can be sure that we’ll keep up with compatibilities and add features in the future.

Hi Scott,

I sincerely appreciate the suggestion (and IMHO Gravity Perks is awesome), but that’s just not a possibility.

I have a somewhat savvy client who, while he does not want to do this work himself, knows enough about WP, plugins, and add-ons to be pressuring me to just switch to Formidable, which has the function built-in, along with a few other functions that now require paid add-ons to work in GF.

I would prefer to stick with GF, which I like better, and just find a workaround. For now reloading the page, while less elegant, does work. The client is a small non-profit, adding more to the website budget simply isn’t an option.