Referral submissions that will feed directly in a database?

A client of mine is working with an I.T company to help deliver them with a new Case Management System. As part of this project, they want to streamline and automate the referral forms process so that referral submissions create records directly in the database.

Are there any guides or add-ons that might be useful with this process?

Hi Wayne,

Is there anything that you can share about their CRM that you want to connect to?

  • Does it have a Rest API where the Gravity Forms webhooks add-on or Gravity Flow’s outgoing webhook could pass the data to create the entry? The latter provides a no-code path to mapping data from the API response back into the form entry. Good for cases where you might want to notify in follow-up with the case # or link for staff to action.
  • You mention “create records directly in the database”, it might fit that creating a custom step type to perform the record creation depending on some of your server/connectivity options for SQL commands.
  • If it’s not a custom CRM being built, but using a hosted CRM there are several CRM add-ons supported which make triggering a CRM action with the form data even easier. If you have those active, with Gravity Flow you will see a new step type available to trigger the feed. Perhaps you want to do a preliminary approval or data scrub on the WordPress side before the data is pushed to the CRM for example.


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