Redirect confirmarions not working - adds the form id to the output URL

Redirect confirmarions not working, adds the form id to the output URL so the landing page returns 404. Example:

The redirect confirmations is:

The redirect form execute:

Hi Patricio. Adding the named anchor to the URL will not cause a 404 Not Found. Please try on my site:

Neither one should return a 404 error. There is something else going on if the named anchor like #gf_9 causes a 404 error.

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Hi @chrishajer, Thank you for your response. You know I have checked on the Stripe link and it does generate the error. what could it be?

one link works and the other does not.

Additionally, I use WPML to translate. The site has 3 languages. The error occurs in two languages, in the main language of the site it works fine.

Hi Patricio. You are redirecting individuals to Stripe with the redirect confirmation? And Gravity Forms is adding the #gf_10, which Stripe does not like so it results in a 404? Is that correct?

Hi @chrishajer exactly.

If this works in the main language on the site, but not the other languages, have you checked with WPML support already? It sounds like Gravity Forms and Stripe are working together correctly when the language is not translated.

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