Version bugfix in redirectURL of AJAX forms [RESOLVED]

Since the update to version the redirect URL in AJAX forms is not working anymore. If you finish a form, it simply shows the javascript code underneath the submit button instead of redirecting you to the URL:
Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 17.53.06

It’s happening in the file form_display.php on line 1860 in the function get_js_redirect_confirmation().

I can manually fix it by adding my own < script ></ script > around the function. I can see that this part of the code is changed in the update.

Hello. Can you please submit this as a support ticket?

That way we can get it in from of the product engineers. Thank you.

The quick fix, to get you working again, is to disable AJAX on the embed. But if you open a support ticket, we can log the issue and notify you when a fix is available. Thank you.

@chrishajer I have created a new Support ticket. So this item can be closed.