Recover a license? And a noob question about mail settings?

I took over a Wordpress website for a client. It hasn’t been worked on in years. We backed up the cpanel site on the web host they are moving away from and we restored it on another hosting company’s web server.

Logging into wordpress, i see a forms section with Gravity Forms, The settings page says we have a developer license that was bought 8/3/15 and renews on 8/21/24

There’s a license key but it’s just a string of asterisks

Anyone know where to start to get the license key / see what credit card will be charged when it renews (likely expired already?) and any other info?

And a key issue is that on this new /different web host, it is not sending out mail when we fill out the contact us page.

I don’t know wordpress much, but the Gravity Forms pages say that it uses wp_mail(). But I don’t see that as an plugin, or even any other plugin related to email.

The wordfence DID send a few emails out once it was on the new server though.

Anyone know how to tell what gravity forms is using to send out and where to enter new SMTP settings?

Hi David. wp_mail() is a built-in WordPress function. That calls the web server mail() function. You web server PHP mail() is sending the emails.

As far as account recovery, please contact us here with whatever information you have (like website URL), and we’ll see what we can find out.

Thank you.

Another 1,000

The license in use on your site is being used on another 1127 sites. That usually means a developer or agency owns the license. So long as they keep paying for it, and do not deactivate your site, you can still keep Gravity Forms up to date. However, without your own license, you won’t be able to get support when you need it. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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