Form answers directly in mail

I’m new here
Earlier I got the form answers directly in my mailbox. Now I get notifications and have to go in to Wordpress.
Can somebody guide me?

Kind regards

There are a lot of reasons this can happen. I recommend opening a support ticket for assistance:

Like @chrishajer mentions issues like this can happen due to a lot of reasons:

  1. It can be something inside your WordPress website that prohibits the mail from being sent.
  2. The mail isn’t being sent because of an issue on your hosting (ie. outgoing mail from the server / your hosting account is being blocked).
  3. The mail is being sent, but it’s filtered to your spam folder (or another folder due to an active filter that’s being triggered).
  4. The mail is being sent, but the mail is declined by your receiving account, because of SPF / DMARC etc. issues.

So contacting Gravity Forms support through the official channels about this would be the best first step. They can help you identify where the problem lies and if it isn’t inside your WordPress website (ie. a plugin/theme conflict) they can point you in the right direction for fixing it :slight_smile:

Thanks. I actually got mail but it is nothing inside. It just tells me to go to Wordpress

I would still recommend opening a support ticket. You’ll get a much quicker and more accurate answer than opinions in our community forum.

I will do that. Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

Thanks Hiranthi :slight_smile: