Not Receiving Notifications to Gmail


Thank you for taking the time to assist me!

On this website,, a client of mine is using GRAVITY FORMS as their form of choice. He is not receiving notifications to his email address. The plugin is not the newest version.


There is an error message and GF documentation that mentions the plugin should be updated to the latest version. However, for me to do so, it’s asking to purchase a licensed plugin and it does show that the license key is still ACTIVE but incorrect.
license information

A notification is set to ACTIVE:

and these are the notification settings:
Notification config

I used the SAR Friendly SMTP plugin to test the email notifications the contact form should be sending and it tests successfully on WordPress but do not receive any email to the email destination of choice.


I looked through all of the similar topics on this matter but cannot find anything similar in regards to a SOLUTION.

Please help! It would be greatly appreciated!

Gravity Forms needs an update, but cannot be updated because the license key is showing invalid. If it’s a valid license key, there is some issue with the website communicating with the license server. Whatever that trouble is could also be affecting the notifications.

If the client has a valid license, I would ask them for the Gravity Forms account information, so you can log in and create a support ticket on their behalf:

Otherwise, I recommend following the troubleshooting steps for notifications here: especially regarding logging.

If you need more assistance and cannot open a support ticket, please let us know.

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