Receiving 'Nonce expired' error upon gravity forms submission

Hello! I tried using Gravity Forms for the first time today, after switching from Caldera Forms. Every time I’ve tried submitting I receive an error saying “Nonce expired, please refresh the page.” I have tried refreshing to no avail. Clearing cache/telling Wordpress never to cache page has not helped either.

Other context. My website uses a HIPAA compliance plugin which integrates with Gravity (and, previously, Caldera). This works by replacing the normal form’s submit button with a HIPAA submission button that takes the form to a secure database.

I switched back to Caldera and confirmed that forms submit successfully, so the issue is solely with Gravity. Any idea how to resolve this error?

I tried submitting a form through Gravity without HIPAA integration and it worked so it might be the integration that is causing an error.

I tried again, adding back in the HIPAA integration, but using a much smaller form and it submitted successfully. The original form is quite lengthy. Could that be an issue?

After trial and error it appears there is some soft cap to how long a form can be. If this limit is exceeded the form will not be able to be submitted through the HIPAA integration.

I also tried to break the form up into pages, however the next button does not work when I enable the HIPAA integration so I am unable to advance to the 2nd page.

That’s for sure because the error that you’re getting is not part of Gravity Forms core error messages. You will want to contact the developer of the HIPAA integration for assistance.

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