I keep Getting This Error After Submitting A Gravity Form From My Website?

I am at a loss? Right at the end of the form I am getting this error? It is for a Homecare Signup from my Website but the funny thin is it works for monthly but does not work for an annually purchase this comes up right at the very end of the purchase after the go cardless details are entered? Any thought?

Hi Andrew. That error does not occur in any of my installations, so it’s coming from something specific on your site. It sounds like the issue is with the GoCardless integration you are using, with the annual purchase. Have you tried configuring another of our payment add-ons with a monthly and annual purchase to see if the same error occurs?

You can determine which add-on or theme is causing the error using these steps to check for conflicts: Testing for a Theme/Plugin Conflict - Gravity Forms Documentation

Please let us know what you find out.

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