Using Gravity Forms GoCardless Gateway Plugin

I have installed the above plugin in order to collect regular monthly and yearly payments via GoCardless but I cannot find a way to add GoCardless as a payment option in a form, I can add Paypal and Stripe (we have accounts for all three and I have set up the tokens and webhooks, etc. for all of them) but any time I try to add a payment method into the form, of the three, the only Pricing Fields available are PayPal and Stripe.
It looks like I’ve done everything I need to do to install and set up the GoCardless plugin, webhooks and the feed settings within the form, but there’s no sign of GoCardless as a payment option. See badly drawn question mark - is this where I’d expect to find the option?

Hi Archie. Which plugin did you install? Can you share the link? And have you contacted the author of that plugin or reviewed their documentation already?

Hi Chris,
The plugin is literally called Gravity Forms GoCardless Gateway (Advanced) by WP Gateways. I chose it after checking out the recommendations for a GoCardless plugin and finding a review at Gravity Forms [GoCardless Payment Gateway - Gravity Forms] ( . However, I cannot seem to find any documentation at WP Gateway GoCardless Direct Debit Payment Gateway For Gravity Forms ( and I’m now at a loss. Perhaps I’m just not looking in the right place?

Hi Archie. You will need to contact WP Gateways for support with that. If there is no Field available, maybe there is a GoCardless Feed, or maybe a confirmation redirect to GoCardless? I’ve never used the plugin, so I am not sure.

Thanks Chris,
I’ll have a word. If I find a solution I’m happy to post it on this thread if that’ll be of any use?

Solutions are much appreciated. Please share what you find. Thank you!

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