Recaptcha Console Errors & Form does not work at all [RESOLVED]

Hi All,

I added one of my gravity forms to all product pages using the shortcode but as soon as I added the form to these pages I started getting 100’s console errors saying the following: “Missing required parameters: sitekey” and the form does nothing when clicking submit.

This does not make sense because on all the other pages with contact forms, I don’t get any errors and the forms work perfectly fine. The site key is also in place and linked to the correct URL.

The other thing to mention is I have this exact setup on 2 other sites with no problems.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

That’s an error from the reCAPTCHA script indicating your reCAPTCHA site key is missing. You will want to double check your reCAPTCHA settings in Forms > Settings > reCAPTCHA.

Also if you’re using any caching engine for the page (plugin or server side), make sure to exclude the page from cache during testing to avoid issues due to cached resources.


Thank you for your reply @sacom.

I contacted support and they advised me, that it’s because I have the reCAPTCHA add-on activated and I included the reCAPTCHA field as well.

After removing the field from the form, the errors were gone and the form worked again.

Thank you to Richard from customer support!