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May not be something that can be done the way I want, but have you seen GF used as random generator?

I was looking at using it as a creativity inspiration. Maybe hit a button to generate a word / phrase from a bank, with several banks relating to topics on the one page. Idea being that this can be repeated to create combinations to set you on a creative task.

I can see random questions can be filtered but I couldn’t see this particular use.


Hi Stephen. Where does Gravity Forms come in? Gravity Forms is typically used to collect information. The way you described it, it would be used to generate information. Are you then doing something with Gravity Forms and that randomly generated word or phrase?

Hi Chris,

I’m thinking that it’s an information store that reacts to input from the user, like I say I may be off the mark and I may need to have something coded. I have a habit of trying to do things with things that aren’t really designed for the purpose :slight_smile:

For example I create a form per topic with banks of possible outputs in each topic. If the user selects ‘theme’, this triggers 1 random selection from a bank of say 50 phrases to be displayed. I would have multiple instances with different topics, idea being that someone can then have a selection of randomised topics to put together as a creative tool.

I was looking at things a little like this https://www.plot-generator.org.uk - feel like I can do this with Gravity Forms but I wasn’t sure about the display of random elements. Also Portent's Content Idea Generator - Instant Blog Topic Inspiration - there is an input that then displays a randomised output of a bank of phrases, based on what the user enters.

Hi Stephen. That might be possible, but not without custom code. I don’t have any idea how to start with that and could not find anything like it in our knowledgebase. I will leave this open in case anyone wants to add their own ideas.

This could be handled using Populate Anything. Here’s how we’re seeing this working:

  1. Create some custom tables to store your word/phrase banks. For example:

  2. Add a “Suggest Theme?” Checkbox and Text field to the form.
    a. Set the value of the checkbox to match one of the categories from the table above.

    b. Use Populate Anything to query the custom table and filter on the value from the Checkbox field.

    c. Set the Ordering to Random so the first result returned will be random.

Here’s the result on the front end:

As an alternative for creating custom tables, you could create the database completely with Gravity Forms.

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