Randomized checkbox

I am trying to randomize my checkbox choices.
There seem to be a guide for enabling checkbox randomizer in the advanced settings: How to Randomize Checkbox and Multiple Choice Options

My gravity form version is 2.5 and there do not seem to have this option in advanced settings. Is this part of an add-on for gravity forms? The guide did not mention any add-ons, so I assumed it is part of Gravity Form.

Forgot to upload a screen shot of what I see in the checkbox field.

This linked article provides documentation for WPForms, which is an altogether different plugin for creating forms. For Gravity Forms, you can check out the plugin GP Randomizer by Gravity Wiz in order to accomplish this.

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for the correction, that was my bad.
Gravity Wiz do not seem to have a Q&A email, may you please answer the following if you may?

For the Gravity Wiz, example the 3 perks pack, do I have to select the three I want from the purchase? Or may I leave them blank and select later? Also, is the three limit apply to only 3 active perks at once, meaning I can rotate the three perks how I see fit?

Greetings, @zhihenglin1998!

I’m Dave from Gravity Wiz. You’ll choose your perks after purchase and can swap them out at anytime. This applies to the Basic license as well which can be a great way to try out different perks if you’re not ready to commit to the Advanced or Pro license.


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