Limiting number of responses in a page [RESOLVED]

Hello everyone,
If I add 20 checkbox fields in a page in my form (each checkbox includes some items), can I force the applicants to be able to select 10 of them instead of 20?

You can use Gravity Forms Limit Choices for that. It’s part of Gravity Wiz’s Perks (GF add-ons) and you need a subscription, but if you look at everything you get it’s worth its weight in gold.

Out of the box this perk applies to a single field (with one or multiple choices), but a snippet can be used to share the limit over multiple fields.

Thanks for that Phil. Gravity Wiz also published a free version before this Perk became available:

(hard to believe that article is nine years old already!)

Hi Chris,

You’re right! I’d forgotten about the free solution they have. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Thank you all!
It solved my problem.


Awesome. Thank you for the update.

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