Radio button selection ends registration process [RESOLVED]

Hi There,
I’m new to gravity forms and got a question. I’m building a multi page registration formular. At a certain point the user of the formular will have to make a yes/no choice, for what I used radio buttons. If the answer is “yes” he doesn’t fulfill the requirements of the registration and I would like to lead him away from my registration form to a kind of “confirmation” page. Is this possible? If yes how could I achieve this? Or is there a better way of achieving what I’m aiming for Thanks Thomas?

Hi Thomas
as a easy way I recommend to put all “registration fields” in a page and set a conditional logic for that page in which: show the page if the the “radio button” is “No”!
by this, if a user chose “yes” the registration process doesn’t show and he or she automatically go for submission the form and redirect to confirmation page.

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Thank you Reza! Your comment helped me a lot!