Quiz confirmation with results for each quiz page [RESOLVED]


I created a quiz with multiple pages each with several questions. There is a total of 4 pages with 7 questions, for each of these pages the user will be graded separately (bad, normal, good).

I want the user to see a message based on their grade for each of these pages on one confirmation (results) page.


The Quiz add-on cannot do that by default. I will leave this open in case anyone has a custom approach they would like to share.

Thanks for your reply.

We found a solution without using the quiz add-on actually. Instead we used regular radio-buttons and set the value of the answers as the score. Finally we used numbers fields to calculate the total of each page and combined those on the confirmation page. We then used conditional shortcodes with merge tags of the numbers fields to get a custom output for each page and grade.

Yes, that will work without using the Quiz add-on. Thank you for sharing your solution.