Pricing Fields Video Tutorial?

I’m wondering if there’s a FREE video tutorial somewhere that can walk me through the pricing fields in the current version of gravity forms. I’m trying to use GF on a baking site that would allow people to select a cake, pick the number of people it feeds (5 options) and the flavour they’d like (19 options). There are a variety of pricing options and I’m getting a little lost - I’m hoping to not purchase another plugin - I’m pretty sure this can be done, but I just need a little help if anyone knows of a video I can watch!

Hi @user62f2bc2ca064b187
To set up pricing options for your Gravity Form on your baking site, you will need to create a pricing field for each option you want to offer.

  1. Create a dropdown field for the number of people the cake feeds, with the five options you want to offer.

  2. Create another dropdown field for the flavour options, with the 19 options you want to offer.

  3. To set up pricing for each option, you will need to create a product field for each option. For example, you could create a product field for a cake that feeds 5 people in vanilla flavour, another for a cake that feeds 10 people in chocolate flavour, and so on.

  4. In each product field, you will need to enter the price for that option.

  5. You can also set up conditional pricing, where the price changes depending on the options selected by the user. For example, you could set up a rule where the price increases if the user selects a larger cake size or a premium flavour.

Remember to test your form and pricing options to ensure everything works as expected.

Ok, this is what I thought - I think I’m getting confused because of the different fields - so I should be using only the ‘Product’ field and NOT the Option field? Right now I have it set up like this:

  • Cake Name (Product)
  • How many People (Option - based on #‘Cake Name’)
    (6" = 10 people / 8" = 15 people etc…)
  • Flavour of the Cake (Option - based on #‘Cake Name’)
    (19 different flavours, each with different price for 6", another price for 8", etc…)

I’m also getting a total that is 1,000’s of dollars - not sure where it’s getting the high numbers from.

Does this sound right? I know that I’ll need to make the flavour conditional based on the cake size - I was just wondering if I’m doing it right…

Also, I can provide a link if that helps?

I’ve included a few pics - I can create the option but it won’t let me select ANY size of cake. I can see them when I click the dropdown, but it won’t let me make it conditional…

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