Price of product not showing in Total field

I have a form built for a fund raiser event that contains a Product field for the donation levels. I currently have four levels set with the highest price level being set as the top item using radio buttons. I also have options attached to the Product with conditional logic to display different options for the different levels in the Product. Three of the levels are passing the main price and the additional options to the Total field just fine. The top two levels are not passing the price for the product, or the options to the Total field. Is there a maximum price limit for a product?

The form can be seen at Fall Shootout 2021 - Panhandle Oilmen's Foundation and the sponsor levels in question are the Title Sponsor at $10,000.00 and the Gold Sponsor at $5,000.00.

Hi Chris. For any payment related issues, I always recommend opening a support ticket:

Thank you.