Posting Release Announcements [RESOLVED]

In addition to social sharing of release announcements that are posted to the blog, it’d be nice to share those links here, as well, where they might be more easily filterable via a tag or category.

Good idea. Any thoughts on a tagging scheme that would make things easier to find?

If you’re up for adding a forum category, I think they could justify their own Releases category to which only moderators can post. Each post could then be tagged with the specific add-on name and any other related information about the release.

For example, a release like the Stripe Add-On 2.6 would have its own post titled such, categorized under Releases and tagged stripe, credit-card, pci, branding.

In this way, there is easy access to and identification of all releases. Additionally, folks searching the stripe or credit-card tag will not only bring up user posts related to those items, but also release notes related to those items.

If you’d rather not add a new category, I’d setup release tag that is only usable by moderators. I think having some way to identify these that is walled off to regular forum users will be most helpful in the long run.


I added a Releases category: