Possible to update existing payment records' metadata?

Is it possible to edit the metadata in the Stripe payment records generated by Gravity Forms? According to Stripe support, only the creator of the payment (in our case, Gravity Forms), has the permissions necessary. So my question is: does the GF Stripe gateway support this, even via the REST API?

I ask because we’ve changed the way payments capture additional information (via metadata) in order to streamline integration with accounting systems. The same information is now in several different metadata fields and the format is inconsistent. So we’d like to clean up historical pmts’ metadata in the stripe repository. No core payment information needs to change.

If it is possible, any jumps on how to (e.g., process or sample code) would be great.


Editing metadata for existing payments is not a feature of the add-on. I wonder why Stripe told you that anyway, because you can edit the metadata for your payments from your Stripe account dashboard.

For example, for single charges (product and services feed), you can go to “Payments” in your Stripe account to see the list of payments, then click on a payment, scroll down to the “Metadata” section, and then click the “Edit metadata” button.

For subscriptions the metadata is added to the customer object, so you would need to go to the “Customers” page, then click on a customer, scroll down to Metadata (at the left of the screen), and you should find an “Edit” link.

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