Possibility to see who viewed submitted entries


I’m looking for ways to find out which user watched gravity forms entries. It should include all the users who have seen a certain entry. I tried to see if I’d catch the info from gravity forms logging option, but it seems it doesn’t save the user ID nor entry ID on that log.

If anyone happens to know any kind of an add-on or some gravity form hooks that I could use to store the data I’d be really happy.

Thanks in advance!

Hmmm… Sounds like you are looking to log user activity. Maybe a plugin like or similar to this?

Not sure if it watches the Admin side too, but that seems like the direction you want to go.

Thanks for the suggestion. The direction is somewhat right, but sadly that plugin only tracks front-end data.

Keep looking into similar products. They may have a Hook or Addon that does what you want. If you get to a point where you need some custom coding to make it work, I’d be happy to take on some subcontractor work!