Is there a way to audit form versions?

Useful to know which user last edited a form or have versioning? Is this possible?

I don’t believe there are any existing solutions for form edit versioning/revisioning. GravityView does however offer a solution that adds entry revisioning:

As far as knowing which user last edited a form, you could install a WordPress user activity tracker like Stream which integrates with Gravity Forms and will log changes made to the forms on your site.

Many thanks for this Karl. Very useful


@bsowebteam another option would be using this plugin: Power Boost for Gravity Forms – WordPress plugin |, save the forms in JSON and put them in version control for tracking changes.



Sounds good. Thanks

WP Activity Log has a GravityForms extension (follow the install wizard to add it).

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That’s really useful and interesting thanks

Will take a look ASAP

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