Accessing Changelogs

Is there currently anywhere on the Gravity Forms site or in the documentation pages wherein change logs for the various extensions can be accessed?

All our plugins have a change_log.txt file inside the folder that you can open to check full changes history.

Thanks. Yeah, I am aware of that. I was hoping there might be some quick access w/o the need of downloading the extension. I realize I can also view via the plugin list if I’m on a single site. I’m usually notified of updates via MainWP, which doesn’t currently support reading from those change logs. For Gravity Wiz, I usually hop on the extension page to quickly view what changes I’ll be pushing to the site. I was just curious if something similar was available for easy access. I expect not, but wanted to see if I might be missing anything.

When a new version is released a blog post is also published in describing most important changes, but I’m afraid there’s not any public URL for change logs if that what you expected. Sorry man :frowning:

That’s alright. Thanks for the clarification. Those blog posts will definitely be helpful! That’s probably the feed I need to be bookmarking.

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Sometime in the recent past, the change logs were added to the documentation site. You can search for “change log” to find them, or they are linked on the landing page for the add-on.

For example:

(scroll down)

The change logs are publicly accessible and do not require a Gravity Forms account. We hope you find them useful!