Form creation / modified date

Hi, is there a place where we can see the form creation/modified date? With a few people involved on our website and with many forms, and I’d like to have an idea when some of the forms were created and modified.

Hi Renée. The form creation date is stored in the database, but I don’t see a way to show that anywhere on screen currently. Because it’s available, it would be possible with custom code to show in the forms list, using the gform_form_list_columns filter:

As far as form revisions, the date of the form revision is not stored.

However, I have used this plugin with their Gravity Forms add-on to track all sorts of admin changes on a site:

WP Activity Log
WP Activity Log for Gravity Forms

Here’s what was logged when I made a change to a form:

There are other plugins which offer similar functionality as well. Maybe one of these solutions will work for you to track changes with your forms?

Nice, thank you for the reply and the ideas. I’ll look into that.

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