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I have a simple form for a student registration process which includes only a consent field and a few fields identifying the person consenting (parent or student). Consent is required yearly so, in addition to needing the ability to report on when consent was given, I need to have access to the date/time this consent form is submitted to keep track of this. I’m programmatically determining when this confirmation needs to be requested of a logged in user, but that requires the ability to access date/time of previous submissions. It feels like this should be straight-forward and I apologize if I’m missing something obvious. I’m sure that gravity forms stores this information for each submission because merge tags exist, but I believe I need to be able to access it from the data base so I can incorporate it in php code. I have looked through the stored data in the gf tables and I’m not seeing it. Perhaps I’ve missed it?

Hi Kathleen,

If you want to get that information from the database, it’s in the “gf_entry” table in the “date_created” column. You can also get this in PHP from the “date_created” property on the $entry object as documented here: Entry Object - Gravity Forms Documentation. You would just need to make sure you’re looking at the correct entry based on however you’re identifying the person who is consenting (unique email or whatever). Hopefully that gets you what you need!

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