Populate fields in form with fields from submitted form, based on unique reference


I have a form that generates a quote for a user based on conditional values they pick in the form. One of the fields on this form is a unique ID that is created as a quote reference.

What I’d like to do now is have another form that I can ask the user to complete (as a confirmation) that pulls in data from the previously submitted quote form, based on the reference number.
So, when they view the confirmation form, the first field asks for their reference number. When they enter this, the relevant fields such as name, email etc. are then populated with the information the user already gave in their quote submission.

How can I go about this? Is this something that can be achieved with GF or GF + GP Populate Anything perhaps? Any other ideas or suggestions?

Hi MagineM,

This is a perfect use case for GP Populate Anything Perk. You should be able to populate the fields on the confirmation form with data from the first form using the reference number entered as a filter. Here’s a tutorial documentation with a similar setup. You can also use our GP Unique ID Perk to generate the Unique ID son the first form.

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Hi Samuel, thanks for the feedback. This does sound good and seems to be exactly what I’m needing.


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