Simple way to populate hidden fields from previous fields? [RESOLVED]

Hi all, been stuck on this for a bit and couldn’t find an answer so a push in the correct direction would be a great help.

I have multiple fields that I need to duplicate, for example:

First Name
Last Name

I want a set of hidden fields for First Name (hidden) and Last Name (hidden) to populate automatically based on the information given in the First Name and Last Name fields.

Same for several other fields such as, address, dates, phone number, etc…

I’ve come across Gravity Forms Populate Anything but I think that may be a bit more than I need with something that I thought I was able to do within Gravity Forms itself.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I know you mentioned you’ve already come across GP Populate Anything, but its Live Merge tags feature would work perfectly for what you’re trying to do. You could also use our GP Copy Cat Perk to copy the values from the fields to the hidden fields. If you’re to pick up a Gravity Perks license, we’ll also be available to assist you via our support form to set up your form.



Thank you for your reply and guidance. I think I will purchase the Gravity Perks - Basic package, this will provide the functionality that I am looking for correct? Of the two which is better for this task, GP Populate Anything or GP Copy Cat? From my brief look it looks like GP Populate Anything would be the better choice.


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I’ll suggest you go for the GP Populate Anything Perk. Although you can use both for this task, unlike the GP Copy Cat perk which sole purpose is to copy a value from one field to another, GP Populate Anything offers some additional features that could be useful to you later.

Perfect, thank you so much for your speedy reply and assistance. Much appreciated!