Populate field based on combination of two/three other values

Hi guys,

The following is the case:

We would like to populate a unique studentcode which should consist of a combination of:

  • Date of birth (ddmmyyyy)
  • Place of birth (only first three letters)
  • Surname (only first three letters)

So if one fills in:

  • 27-5-1995 (dropdown)
  • London (text field)
  • Banks (text field)

We would like the populated field value to be: 27051995LONBAN.

It doesn’t have to be visible on the form, but should be in confirmations and notifications.

Tried a lot, but can’t find the right solution. Can you guys please help me out?


Check out the filter gform_pre_submission. Example 2. Populate a field using the value from another field should give you a good start toward this.

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