Pop up with push button lower right corner

Hi There,

I am looking for a popup addon compatible with Gravity Forms, that will have the following features :

1- Trigger openning with a push button on the lower right corner, like most of the chat box plugin do,

2- trigger openning by time, scroll, exit intent,

3- when closing the popup it is still available with the button.

Any suggestion anyone ? Thanks :).

I believe ZenDesk & HupSpot can do what you have outlined.

This might go some way to help: https://magicconversation.net/

The feature may also be available in this plugin:

Thanks Phil, I have tried Magic Conversation before but most of the features such as conditional logics don’t work. I had to give it up.

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Thanks Chris, I am already using this plugin, but there is no such feature with it. However the support team told me it would be a custom development.

That’s the best plugin I know of for popups with Gravity Forms. I’m sorry it does not have the feature you need.