Add onClick action to submit button to show message

Hello, i have problems with gravity form, after submit button is pressed confirm page do not load around 30 seconds ( i was opened previous support about this but no solution was found). So looking how to solve this with some extra popup. So question is. At the end of form there are 1 price of 2 as example 7 and 10 eur depende what submitter was chose when submitting prices. I want to show 2 different popups for 2 prices. If 7usd price then 1 popup if total 10usd at the end then second popup. How to do that with popup options. Is there any plugins for that which can be filtered what to show depende what is chosed in form. Or may be javascript - Gravity Forms add onClick action to submit button to show message - Stack Overflow some code can be added as from this sample, but im not programed can some one help me to colve this option with 2 popups

Hello, maybe any one have some solution here?

Maybe this – samuelaguilera/gravity-submission-modal – can be repurposed in some way for your specific need.

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