A way to show form is submitting or stop double click submissions

Hi All, I have two forms that take between 3-90seconds from the point submit is pressed to the point confirmation is displayed, is there a way I can easily show user that the first submit click is working to avoid double entries.

I was thinking something like a status indicator showing submission progress. or get the confirmation instantly and have the rest done in background

these forms use a mixture of gravidypdf or gform_after_submission to send to MySQL which adds to the submissions time

Any ideas would be appreciated

Hi Dan. I have added this script to an HTML field added to the form.

	$(".gform_wrapper form").on("submit", function(e){
		b = $("input[type=submit]", this);
		b.attr("disabled", true);
		b.css("background", "darkgray");
		b.css("color", "black");

You can see how that works here: [SITE REMOVED]

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