PayPal js error in in o.setPayPalScriptSrc - Submit Button disappeared [RESOLVED]

I’m attempting to fix a site that had been working as of approximately a month ago.
Using: Paypal Payments Pro 2.7 and Paypal Checkout 2.0

error states "undefined is not an object, evaluating r.replace in o.setPayPalScriptSrc below.
site is: General Donations – Friends of Realms

submit button has vanished

o.setPayPalScriptSrc = function(t) {
            var e = n('script[data-identifier="gform_ppcp_js_sdk"]'),
                r = e.attr("src");
            r = r.replace("&intent=authorize", "").replace("&intent=subscription", "").replace("&vault=true", "").replace("&intent=capture", ""),

The PayPal Checkout version is outdated, the latest version is 2.9, so the first step to resolving this should be to make sure that WordPress, the theme, and the plugins are updated.

Once updated, don’t forget to clear the caches of any caching/optimization plugins/services the site could be using, as well as the browser.

That worked. I thought since Wordpress showed no updates available, I was on the latest plugins but after downloading and uploading to wordpress, the forms are back working.


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