PayPal javascript not loading. Field not Showing [RESOLVED]

I have a donation form using the PayPal Checkout add-on. The payment method and credit card fields are not showing. They are there but hidden.

I have tried disabling all other plugins and the problem still exists.

The inspector shows .gform_wrapper.gravity-theme .gform_ppcp_custom_card_fields, from theme.min.css (plugins/gravityformsppcp/assets/css/dist/theme.min.css), has “display: none” set.

When I check the console this message is listed.
Loading failed for the with source “”. donation-test:317:1

I have my Sandbox PayPal Developer business account connected. The merchant ID and all the yeses are showing on the PayPal Checkout settings page.

Can anyone shed some light on why this may be happening?
Many Thanks!

I found what was happening and it’s my fault. I have code to remove query strings from static resources. It was removing all the parameters when the page was loading the PayPal JS SDK.

I changed the code and it’s all fixed now.