PayGating a Notification

I have an interesting request from a client I’m trying to figure out how to complete.

Here’s what they want:
Potential Customer fills out a Quote Request (Gravity Form entry)
Conditional “teaser” notification with partial info goes out to vendors listed on the form with buy now button (easy enough)
Vendor clicks “Buy” to pay for the info, then the rest of the entry info is sent out (this is the hard part)

So effectively, I’m trying to PayGate the full notification.

Any ideas?

Hi Jay. I believe you could do something like that with Gravity Flow. Their plugin is great at holding off processing a step until “something else” happens, which is what this sounds like. I recommend taking a look at their offering and contacting their pre-sales if you would like to pose this question to them:

Or check the documentation or sign up for a free demo:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Fantastic Idea and we’ve used Gravity Flow before! I will look into that and thank you!

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