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we need to have a custom event in order to trigger notifications, how is that doable?
Our scenario: we receive a payment confirmation, then we need to make a custom verification of the person who paid - and this mean we have to wait for a supplementary confirmation we receive from an API.
THIS should be our trigger event for gravity forms notifications.

Any help would be appreciated to point us in the right direction.
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Which hook are you using to trigger your custom code to call the third-party API?

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We have a snippet you can use to create custom notification events, that you can use as a starting point for what you want to do.

I hope this helps.


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There is a good chance that this would be something you could handle via Gravity Flow without any custom code required. If your payment confirmation is in the direct response to your API request (i.e. real-time), the outgoing webhook response mapping provides what you need. If it is an asyncronous call that may happen anywhere from seconds to hours+ later, the incoming webhook extension provides you with an API endpoint specific to moving that entry further into its workflow and has similar request mapping capabilities. Both also support conditional logic based on the request/response codes (200/400/500) from servers so you can use other step types as manual investigation points should there be a server error due to network or 3rd party system reasons.

Email notifications can also also be setup as step activity - conditional upon field values or status of step completions - giving you a strong ability to create a workflow that is both automated and perceived by users as unique to their request by how you tailor the messaging.

Hope that helps.

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