Passing parameter in query string to html link in html field

So, in one of my forms I send out an email notification, in the notification email one of the buttons contain a parameter. I know how to pass the parameter and auto populate a field when someone clicks the button but the form the button takes them to has html links generated by the use of Gravity Forms html fields.

How do I then pass the parameter which is passed via the query string in the url into the html link which is found on the form? They essentially click the button, go to the form, and then click another link which takes them to another form. The link is inside a html field. The link needs to then have the parameter re-passed in the url which is then able to repopulate another field on the next form.

Yes, yes I am sure there are other ways to do this configuration but trust me this is what I need. Any help?

I don’t want to use a copycat plugin. Is it possible to just re-add the same parameter used in the url at the end of the link in the html link?

I’d suggest giving the Populate Anything perk a try. Otherwise, a similar approach should do it – create a placeholder text that you search/replace with javascript when the form loads.

I frequently use the URL Params plugin for this. It’’s not very actively maintained, but it only has a few lines of code and is very powerful for using query string parameters just about anywhere. It also works with regular pages in WordPress. It’s been a life saver many times.

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I don’t want to use plugins. Populate anything doesn’t work for users information that isn’t user owned. It wouldn’t work for this because it isn’t dynamic and wouldn’t know which user’s data to pass when it is dynamic. I found an article that suggest assigning your original parameter to a new parameter, then passing the new parameter to the next form.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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