Dynamically populate a form field with a URL link to dropbox [RESOLVED]


I am having issues creating a dropbox clickable link from a dynamically populated field. I am using the below query string to dynamically populate fields in a form (some are hidden).

If you open this link you can see that this is passing all the info correctly. The issue is the Field “Download Your Mastered Sample” (which is a website field) is only receiving the info as text. I need this to be a clickable link which will direct it the user to a dropbox file. This link will be different for each user.

Is this possible to do?

Thank you!

Do you need that to be clickable on the page you just linked to, or do you need it to be clickable in the email notification that is sent out?

Hi Chris,

I need it to be clickable on the page. But if posible it would be great to have it clickable in the notification after the form is submitted as well.


The support team point me to this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/url-params/
that allows displaying any URL param in HTML. its working!

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