Passing data from one form to another on the same page for calculations. Or is there another solution?

Hi there!

I have a form with 2 functions, part A to capture some data and part B to display results calculated from the data. The fields are in a single form in a single section so A and B are not currently any actual divisions of fields in the form, it’s just fields in 1 form in 1 section.

If I could add, say, 6 columns of fields to a form I could solve this by faking a left and right panel (the first 4 field columns of a line being entry fields and the last 2 being results fields) but I don’t seem able to add more than 4 fields per line in Gravity.

1: capture of 3 kinds of data

  • prefilled but editable ‘constants’ (eg exchange rate, commission)
  • per instance product metadata (eg name, keywords)
  • per instance calculation data (eg price, quantity)

2: calculations based on the ‘constants’ and the instance calculation values

What I need: a solution to get the display-only fields (calculations) into their own panel to the right of the user input fields. Whether this is done by somehow only displaying the data there using CSS or jQuery etc. as a cosmetic fix or whether the form is separated into 2 forms that can pass data without the entry form being submitted first doesn’t matter to me.

Ultimately I just need the A above B layout to become A next to B layout. Am happy to use code, plugins, CSS, HTML, or whatever gets the job done.

Form example here.

Any solutions, tips, or suggestions are welcome!

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