Number Calculations Across multiple Forms

I have a client who currently runs some pretty advanced forms in Drupal that we are migrating to Wordpress/Gravity Forms and I am trying to wrap my head around the best way to approach this.

I did find GravityView which is amazing and CLOSE to what I needed, but does not calculate across forms.

To try and summarize:

  1. An event organizer may organize Event Type 1, Event Type 2 and Event Type 3

  2. When each event is over they have to submit a “post event report” which is unique to each event type and has a lot of numerical values and calculations (there may be some fields that are the same across these reports)

  3. After they enter these reports - the client needs 1 cohesive report that can be accessed by the event organizer that calculates the SUMS of all the fields (so if 1 field for example is the same on all 3 reports it needs to be a grand total) for any specific date they choose.

I have several ideas but am struggling to figure out what makes the most sense!

If anyone has any suggestions I would welcome them!

Thanks! Jill

Hi @jcaren

Do you plan to write some of your own custom PHP code to drive this application ?

And will the saved data entered be associated with a user’s WP account ?