Partial Entry and File Upload Path

We are running the Partial Entry Add-on as well as GF Smart Uploads Add-on and GF Zapier Add-on to add form submissions to Google Spreadsheets. We’ve noticed that on initial file upload the full path to the file is recorded in the Google Spreadsheet, but not on each subsequent partial entry. For example:

ROW 1:

“attachment_id: 4505
index: 0
local: /public_html/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/filename.jpg
name: filenmame.jpg

ROW 2:

“attachment_id: 4505
id: 0
index: 0
name: filename.jpeg”

Is there a way to make the “local” and “upload_url” parameters appear in every row? I cannot tell if this is due to the Partial Entry, Smart Uploads or Zapier add-on. I am assuming it is the Partial Entry Add-on because of what it says on the add-on page:

“Not all form data will be stored as part of a partial entry. Credit Card field data and File Upload field data will not be stored with a partial entry. Credit Card data is never stored and the File Upload data is only stored when the form is fully submitted.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.