Parameter name displaying in field value when query variable is not set

I have a simple form on my homepage for a user to enter their zip code…when submitted it appends the value to a ?zip= query string in the URL for a page where a longer form is placed, and then I use dynamic population to capture the zip code and enter it into the matching field in an address field.

When the query string is present in the URL, everything works as expected. However, when the query string is not present in the URL, for instance, if someone visits the page with the full form directly, the parameter name itself is set as the value of the field. So instead of being blank, “zip” is set as the value of the field.

The value when using the gform_field_value_ filter is an empty string, which is what I want, but somewhere further down the stack is must be changing the value to the parameter name. I can modify the value to something else with that filter, even a single space character, but then that prevents the placeholder text from being displayed.

Is there something simple I’m missing, or is there a different filter I can tie into to prevent the parameter name from being displayed when no value is present?

Thanks for any help, I’d really appreciate it!

I’ve never heard that one Nick. I recommend opening a support ticket for the issue:

Gotcha, thanks, Chris, I’ll do that…just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something simple I was forgetting.