Dynamic Parameters not working when html anchor in URL [RESOLVED]


A weird behavior and I’m wondering if it’s a known GF bug or just happening to me:

=> dynamic population is NOT working (#leadform is a DIV just above my form used as html anchor)

=> dynamic population IS working fine

Is it known that GF doesn’t find dynamic parameters when the URL contains an anchor?


According to RFC 3986 the query string must come before the named anchor (fragment).

I have a couple forms on a page on my site where you can use a named anchor, and then query string parameter, and it works OK:

[SITE REMOVED]/?enquiryType=Resellers#testing

Try without the enquiryType to see the drop down with no selection made, and then try with it to see the choice selected. You can try without the named anchor as well.

Thanks a lot, it’s working, dumb me I would never have thought that anchor position in the url was so critical :confused:

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