Page Fields on second page are disabled [RESOLVED]

Oddball thing here… and checking with you all to see if anyone else has experienced this and might be able to help. I have a few multi-page forms. Most are working fine, but one is disabling all inputs on page 2 even when those inputs have no Condition requesting they be hidden. Page 2 is just blank.

Things I have done to find the problem:

  • Installed and implemented Gravity Form’s Beta Debugger
  • Searched in my Functions for snippets that would disable or display: none which could target this form.
  • Disabled ALL custom CSS through the Wordpress Editor
  • Disabled all custom JavaScripts I’ve made for that form
  • Watched Console Log for errors

It seems like no matter what, page 2 inputs are disabled. It makes me worry that there is a bigger problem with the serialized form_meta. Serialization is tough to sift through so I haven’t gone that far yet… yet… I did finally function sarcastic_finger_quote(){ return 'upgrade'; } to Wordpress 5… and am wondering if that might also be an issue.

I’ll put in a Support ticket, but honestly, I haven’t had much success with them when it comes to complex issues. So has anybody else seen anything like this, and might have a possible tactic?

Okay, I think I’ve found the problem… Field 55 is a product that must have something mucking it up, probably in the serialization… Anyone out there good with serialization that can help me spot it? I’m wondering if it has something to do with the calculations… I think that’s messed things up before.



@chrishajer You can close this. I’ve got this one figured out. I found a JSON that must have been corrupt/old/ or something and removed it. When I did the form started working again.

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