Overflow / Wait List

We use Gravity Forms for training signups and occasionally, someone will sign up and cancel. Our forms have attendee limits based on available space in classes. Is there a way to allow overflow / wait list sign-ups once you hit the limited number of available signups so we can pull from those on the wait list if / when someone cancels?

How do you currently track the available space and people who cancel?

I could see where Gravity Flow would make this a solid setup. Some links to help you get started towards that, but don’t hesitate to reach out to our wonderful support team if you do purchase and need a little extra boost to get the setup working spot on.

Use gravityflow_step_is_condition_met with an approval step assigned to your staff. In this way, any entries submitted when the # of spaces are full would be in an ordered-by-date-by-default inbox that your staff could then approve (let into the event when space opens up) or reject (event over or no longer possible).

If payment is only captured after they have confirmed their spot, the Stripe add-on would be a good way to ensure the payment step (Payment Form Step Type) only occurs once they are passed the waitlist check. For those not on the waitlist, changing the confirmation to send them directly to the payment form.


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