Opulating Gravity Form from ACF field in a tab layout

I am populating Gravity Form fields with post data using gform_field_value_xxx using the Hooks method.

add_filter('gform_field_value_funder_name', 'set_funder_name');
function set_funder_name($value){
  return get_field('funder_name');

The ACF fields are setup using a Tab layout feature of ACF in the backend of WordPress. Fields that are setup on the first tab work fine, but any field that’s on a later tab (ie: Application Criteria, Past Grantees, etc) won’t pre-populate into the form. When I try and output the fields information within the gform_field_value_xxx function, it shows up as blank.

Is there anything additional that needs to be added to this function in order to work on a tabbed layout? Or should I remove the layout entirely?


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