Notify subscribers of new entries?

Does anyone have a way to allow users to subscribe to a form so that they are notified when new entries are created? They would also need to unsubscribe.

I’m thinking it’s similar to how one would subscribe to a blog and get an email when a new post was created.

I’m not using custom post types but I am using Gravity View and Gravity Flow.


Hi Jeff. Thinking about this, it sounds like you would need a way to maintain a list of subscribers (so they can be added and can remove themselves or adjust their preferences.) A mailing list or CRM like Mailchimp or Email Octopus should work for that. You can create a form that accepts the subscriber information so they are added to your list.

Then, you need a way to notify them of a new entry. The mailing list can do that, but you’ll need to trigger that mail somehow. I imagine you could integrate Zapier with your form, so that when a new entry is created by a form submission, Zapier lets Mailchimp know and Mailchimp can send a mailing to your list.

Does something like that sound doable?

This sounds like a good solution. I have Zapier but need to set up Mailchimp.

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