Need email notifications to go out with new posts (Obits for Funeral Home website)

Can you point me in the direction toward providing a new service for a client?

I have Gravity Forms and Gravity View that populate obituaries for a funeral home. They want the allow people to sign to receive email notifications when a new obituary is added. I suggested the email notification not include the text of the obit, just the Name of the Deceased, Date of Birth, Date of Death, and the image, with a link to the respective gravity view entry. That way it stays current if a change is needed to be made after post. They will further have to read the obit on the client’s website, allowing better conversion, etc.

Hi Jason. It sounds like you are using GravityView to show obits, rather than creating posts, correct? If that is the case, you will need a method to maintain a list of people who want to hear about new entries on your site, and a way to send a notification to those emails when an entry is added.

I think you will need two things: some sort of mailing list/CRM, to store those email addresses for people who would like to receive notification that a new obit was added. And then you need a way to trigger a custom email to them.

Do you have a Gravity Forms license (either Pro or Elite)? If so, you have several CRM options, and you have access to the Zapier Add-On, which is probably going to be a big part of this. Let us know and let us know if you have any other thoughts. Thank you.